Top 10 secrets of slimness from Hollywood stars


Hollywood is not only a Dream Factory but tough competition for the best appearance. No star beauty would like to be worse than others. Sometimes they use very unusual methods for losing of weight. Let’s see what fitness diets are used by our favorite celebrities.

1. Sharon Stone
Looking at her appearance who can say that this luxury woman has already celebrated her 50th anniversary? Her slimness secret is glycemic index (GI). This system, developed by Canadian scientist, classifies foods depending on their GI. According to this theory it is needed to eat mainly “green” food (with low GI); fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats; to limit consuming of “yellow” food: rice, beans, buckwheat, muesli; and avoid “red” food (products with high GI provoking increasing of blood sugar level): flour products, sweets and some fruits. Nutritionists consider this strategy as correct because your body will not suffer from lack of food and be on the verge of hungry but function well due to balanced ration.

2. Jennifer Aniston
The movie star completely refused for tobacco, alcohol and coffee that slow down metabolism and have bad influence on human body. Jennifer eats only fresh and healthy food and in the morning she drinks a glass of lemon juice with water on an empty stomach. This drink helps to get rid of fat and slag. However nutritionists advise to do this only if you have a strong stomach. The better way is simply to add few drops of lemon juice into a glass of water.

3. Catherine Zeta Jones
Star significantly lost weight after parturition owing to Atkins diet that is trendy in Hollywood. The meaning of the diet is as follows: since the body burns carbohydrates first, and then fats, then if you remove carbohydrates from your ration, it will start burning fats. That’s how the weight is lost, and you need to have more proteins in your ration. As for sports, Catherine prefers dancing.

4. Madonna
This star does not allow itself to relax, constantly improving itself by physical work load and strict nutrition. The star prefers seafood, cereals, and vegetables. The secret of her slimness is the flaxseed added to the dishes. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to lose weight. However, like nuts, it is very caloric, so you should not abuse it.

5. Demi Moore
The secret of the slimness of the star is zonal nutrition. Comfort Zone – a system developed by an American biochemist telling that you need to consume 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat, in addition – to eat strictly 5 times a day at the same time. This rich in proteins diet allows you to lose weight, while retaining muscle mass.

6. Beyoncé
Known for its seductive forms, the star likes to go to extremes. As soon as she is going to shoot a clip or take part in an important event, the star goes to the store for a dress 1-2 size smaller, and moves to the strictest diet: she eats only cereals and cleanses the body with maple syrup. However, once the goal is accomplished, Beyoncé allows herself to relax and enjoy her favorite dainties. This diet is not approved by nutritionists, because after a hunger strike the body will start to make fat reserves for the future and weight loss will be quite problematic.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

To lose weight, the star eats seafood, fish and vegetables. Not only buns and sweets are excluded, but also meat, eggs and dairy products. She prefers not to have any products in the fridge that can tempt her to fail the diet. Only potatoes are banned, the rest of vegetables can be cooked with a little extra olive oil. Most of the food should be eaten raw, and fish or seafood – to be boiled or cooked on grill.

8. Charlize Theron
She has two principles – diversity and moderation. Each meal includes proteins, fruits, vegetables, cereals and flour dishes. All of this in small quantities. It should be six meals a day. This method is considered ideal by nutritionists, since the body does not lose anything and depressive breakdowns do not threaten to your health.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

The star is actively does sports, and also prefers a diet, according to which all food is divided into 3 groups: protein, starchy and neutral. You can eat foods only in certain combinations, and sweet foods and products containing preservatives are under absolute prohibition. Jennifer never stops on what has been achieved, and actively trains according to a system designed for her by a personal trainer.

10. Mariah Carey
From nature she is inclined to plumpness, but she does not give up and actively works on herself. Her weapon against plumpness is water aerobics in combination with a special diet, which includes seafood, rice, vegetables, berries, as well as swordfish soup.

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