What are the DETOX PROGRAMS?

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Nowadays the word “DETOX” is used far more often than the word “DIET”. Gwyneth  Paltrow, Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, Renée Zellweger, Madonna and Beyoncé are known as people enjoying detox programs. Our website decided to answer What is detox and Why do we need it?

What are the DETOX PROGRAMS?

No matter we like it or not, in our body the number of extra kilos and toxins is growing day by day. We should do our best to get rid of them before they harm our health. Toxins are harmful poisons which surround us everywhere: in low-quality water and food, in inorganic cosmetics and household chemicals, in the environment (especially if you live in megalopolis), in drugs and even in synthetic clothes and furniture. Toxins are the main reason of the most part of diseases, bad immunity and digestion, exhausted appearance, depressions and stresses accompanying all above-mentioned.

In general, our organism is built in such way that it independently gets rid of all unnecessary. But when its own resources are already insufficient, various programs of detox-gurus and specialists in food come to rescue it. And so DETOX is the reset button for an organism that can launch natural functions on clarification and restoration of our body.

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