8-hour diet or intermittent fasting to lose weight eating what you like

intermittent fasting or 8-hour diet

Eat everything and not get fat is real now. What is more you can not only stay with your weight eating what you like, but also lose weight significantly in easy way. We are not talking about experimental diets as eating just chocolate or bananas, but about an unusual “time management” for the body.

Let’s figure out whether the intermittent fasting is worth efforts and nerves spent and how real the result of an interval diet can be.

First of all remember the main rule:

8hour diet
eat what you like during 8 hours a day and lose weight

You can eat during 8 hours a day. Other 16 hours of the day should be the interval without eating. So if you have breakfast at 10 am, you can eat till 6 pm. If your breakfast is at 1 pm, do not eat after 9 pm.


Advantages of intermittent fasting or 8-hour diet (or diet 16/8, Interval eating diet, same to Dubrow diet)


  • During the 8-hour diet you do not need to stop eating your favorite meals.


There are only recommendations that you should not overeat or eat a lot of sweets and fast carbohydrates. Obviously, losing weight eating donuts and chocolate bars is not possible. So the only strict ban is sweet and soda. Eating very expensive delicacies and delights are not about this diet. Concentrate on foods that are enriched with: protein (fish, meat, cheese), fiber (spinach, broccoli, asparagus), healthy fats (avocados, nuts). Read more about foods that give the best result in weight loss.


  • You do not have to starve, because you need to eat food as much as five times a day.

Anyone following a diet is aware that the more times you eat, the smaller the portion should be. Indeed, eating more times we set up our metabolic processes and do not torment ourselves with hunger. For a snack you can choose a yogurt with fruit or a salad with nuts.

  • There is no way without sports. And intermittent fasting (8-hour diet) has an advantage again:

It is recommended to spend from 7 minutes a day for morning exercises. And no hour-lasting functional training in the gym! However, if you have a subscription to sport, do not hurry to stop exercises, because the effect will only increase.

  • You plan your meal schedule by yourself.

The main thing is that all meals must be within the interval of eight hours. Do not forget that the meal schedule should not differ much from day to day. The key to any effective diet is regime.

  • On the eight-hour diet you can drink coffee and some wine!
you can drink your favorite coffee
you can drink your favorite coffee

You know that the ban on coffee and alcohol is found in almost every diet, but not in the eight-hour diet, which makes it even better. Do not forget that in addition to your favorite lattes on arabica and cocktails, you need to drink lots and lots of water.


Cons of intermittent fasting (8-hour diet)

  • If you do not adhere to the principle of not overeating, the effect of the work done may be insignificant.
  • Before you start losing weight, it is better to consult a doctor. Although they say that it is suitable for absolutely everyone, there are still risks for losing weight people.
  • It is not well examined by experts.
  • Unbalanced nutrition.

But if you follow all the recommendations, the result will not be long in coming. Well, ready to lose weight with us? See foods for intermittent fasting to get the best result!

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