Weight loss tips: 5 Tips In Speeding Up Your Weight Loss


Weight loss tips

5 Tips In Speeding Up Your Weight Loss

Aren’t you satisfied with what you see on your scale? You want to lose weight fast, but you don’t want to endanger your health? Don’t forget that starving is the first enemy of a diet. If you starve, your brain will slow down your metabolism in order to make energy supplies. Here you have some tips in speeding up your weight loss.

Weight loss tips: Cold Water
This could be your ally in your losing weight battle. Studies show that drinking at least 2 glasses of cold water at every meal, you can increase your metabolic rate with 30%. It has been proven that drinking 2 glasses of cold water right before breakfast, lunch and dinner for one year, you can burn up to 17.400 calories, that means almost 6.6 lbs.!

Weight loss tips: Hot Pepper
If you can resist to its hotness, hot pepper can help you burn your fat faster. Hot pepper is a very good stimulator of the metabolism and quickly reduces your appetite. If you want to lose weight in a short time, have no meal without hot pepper.

Weight loss tips: Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are a reliable ally in your struggle with losing weight. They burn your fat faster and maintain the metabolism under control. Next time you want to take a snack, eat a grapefruit or an orange in order to maintain at an optimum level the sugar level from your body. According to a study, women that eat a large amount of citrus fruits have a lower percentage of fat in their bodies.

Weight loss tips: Spices
Spices are very important in a diet, that is why you don’t need to miss them in your daily menu. They maintain your metabolic rate high, and fat is being burn faster. Hot spices are the most efficient in accelerating the process of fat burn from your body.

Weight loss tips: Onion and garlic
Onion and garlic contain some chemicals that decrease the level of cholesterol from the blood. Garlic helps your metabolism make its processes faster and it contributes at reducing the fat percentage from your body.

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